Artisan Farm Co. designs, and builds the world's finest Edible Landscapes

Let us design one for YOU!

Artisan Farm Company fosters and supports the vision of bringing a healthy, above organic standard, homegrown lifestyle to each and every person we meet through education, and providing custom solutions in urban and rural farming. We help you connect back to the Earth. Growing your own food, and establishing thriving communities is made easier with custom designed gardens, chicken coops, beehives, rain harvesting and graywater systems. From apartment homes to full acreage properties, Artisan Farm Company offers the highest level of artisan craftsmanship to help you.

Artisan Farm Company
has pioneered the concept of urban farming called:


This term breaks down very simply. Farm-Scape™ means taking your existing landscape, and turning into edible food. Even more simply, it is landscaping with food. 

Artisan Farm Company has a motto:

"We are here to serve."

If you have ever wanted to grow your own food, raise your own chickens, have bees, beautiful flowers, recycle water, and be re-connected back to the Earth, we are here to be a part of that experience together, in community. Reach out to us, we are here to serve you, and help you reclaim your food. From all of us at Artisan Farm Company, we thank you.