What is a FARM-SCAPE™ ?

The concept of Farm-Scape™ was coined in 2012, when Matthew, our Proprietor, was living in the desert southwest. Looking around, Matthew saw that there was plenty of land inhabited by people. In fact, over 1,00,000 people living in Phoenix, Arizona. And as one of the nation's top real estate markets, there was a sign -- People are inhabiting this area. What was wrong with the picture, was that there was houses taking up land, but all that was growing was granite landscapes. 

Anyone can have a Farm-Scape™ !

From apartments, to full acreage property. In urban cities, all the way out to the suburbs. Where you live is not important. What is important is:


At Artisan Farm Company, we are here to help you create the sustainable landscape, custom tailored to you, and your space.
We believe that all people should at least have access to quality food, if not grow their own. 

We  would love to hear from you, serve you, and your sustainable needs.