Artisan Farm Company creates the most beautiful landscapes, using edible food. Our full design services are based around a custom, sustainable Farm-Scape™ for your space. No matter how large, or small, we can create an edible landscape for you.

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Some of our most common features include:

  • Raised Beds, with Revolutionary Design.
  • Gardens
  • Rain Harvesting
  • Chicken Coops
  • Beehives
  • Outdoor Showers
  • Graywater Reclaiming
  • Composting Systems

If you are interested in transforming your home, apartment, business, or rooftop into an oasis of edible plants, reach out to Artisan Farm Company, so we can partner with you, and your needs.

Artisan Farm Company also offers a suite of educational programs. From teaching school classes where their food comes from, to showing adults how to create sustainability with their space. Artisan Farm Company has taught in schools, keynotes, church groups, community events, and at home education.

With out education, there is no way to pass on the art of growing your own food.

If you are interested in having our Proprietor, Matthew Mullins speak at your next community event, please reach out to us. It is our passion to spread the need for quality food to be grown. And there is nothing more quality than growing your own food. Let Artisan Farm Company show your group how easy it can be.