The Farmy ARMY  -  501(c)(3)

A coalition of people, banding together, to grow, and provide food, for those who need it.

The Farmy Army, was the brainchild of Matthew Mullins, the proprietor of Artisan Farm Company. Part of the vision of Artisan Farm Company is to give back part of every sale, every project, and every transaction. And from this vision, we created The Farmy Army

The Farmy Army is a registered 501(c)(3) - A U.S. Non-Profit Organization, with a mission. All of the money that is donated, and raised, goes to planting food for those who are in need. From homeless population, to our Veterans, The Farmy Army uses its time, and resources to planting food in vacant lots, and community gardens, that is specifically allocated for the consumption of those in need.