Like the wind, you may not see us work... but we are here.

Like the wind, you may not see us work... but we are here.

Artisan Farm Company is not just one person. We are made up of a team of individuals.


When penning out his idea for Artisan Farm Company, Matthew did not just want to come up with a company that grows food, teaches people about growing food, or sells supplies for growing food.

He wanted all to be a part of the community involved in growing food.

From the community involved in planting a garden, to the bonds formed in helping one another grow, to the family sitting at a table, enjoying the bounty of your labor.

All of us involved with Artisan Farm Company stick to that same principle. We love to see the community that is formed around growing your own food, using responsible practices, and leaving the Earth in better shape than when we found it. For the many generations to come, we need to leave fertile soil for all of them to grow. Growing on  the land, and growing in their spirit.

If you want to be a part of our community at Artisan Farm Company

We have opportunities to be involved with the company. Artisan Farm Company also fosters a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization called: "THE FARMY-ARMY" - A coalition of those banding together to grow good food for all. You can find more information on "THE FARMY ARMY" under the community section.